Our History

Kelly’s Specialty Shop Ltd has been open for more than 40 years in the community of Powell River, BC. Incorporated in 1975 by James McKenzie, whose nickname was “Kelly”.

McKenzie took over Sands Health Food Store, which was owned and run by Percy Sands from the late 1960s to early 1970s. 

The store always carried vitamins, unique things that interested the owner, such as Murchie’s Tea, Laura Secord chocolate, imported candies and baby bunny peanuts. 

Beer and wine making supplies also date back to the store’s early days. 

When McKenzie passed away in 1980, his wife Anne ran the store with the help of their son Andrew. Stella Gillies worked at the store for approximately 8 years prior to her and her husband Reg purchasing the business in 1989.

In September of 2017 Nicole Rumley and her husband Dan Forrest purchased the business from the Gillies. They changed the operating name to Kelly’s Health Shop to better reflect what the store has to offer. 

In addition to the name change Nicole, asked local artists to help her design and create a logo that reflected her vision. 

The ancient geometry of the seed of life represents the herbs which are the basic foundation of the majority of products in the store. The lotus symbolizes the rebirthing and the new energy that Nicole brings to the store. The blue energy’s healing power is combined with the number one health colour, orange, which gives happiness and enough energy to enjoy life. The combination of the logo’s colours, blue and orange, imparts knowledge about the meaning of a healthy soul in a healthy body. This is a key concept her business is built on.